Power quality

We’re committed to providing you with electric power that meets our high standards for safety and reliable quality. If you suspect a decline in power quality at your business site, don’t delay—it can potentially impact critical elements such as communications, lighting, operations and data.

Detecting power quality issues

These symptoms can help you determine if you’re experiencing a service disruption or other problem with power quality:

  • Flickering lights
  • Noisy radio or telephone reception
  • Flashing clocks or processor resets
  • Data loss or computer shutdowns
  • Unexpected equipment shutdowns
  • Damaged equipment power supplies

Power quality problems may be caused by:

  • The electric system that provides your service
  • Appliances with design or manufacturing defects
  • Software error
  • Operator error

Other contributing factors, such as improperly grounded equipment, may amplify otherwise minor issues.

Problem solving tools

When you investigate power quality problems, it’s important to identify three key elements: the nature of the disturbance, contributing factors and how your equipment is being affected.

Once you’ve collected that information, try our convenient problem-solving tools for immediate assistance.

• Search our Power Problems and Solutions table which addresses many common issues and recommends a variety of potential solutions.

  • If your problems are persistent or repetitive, download and print this Issue Log to gather facts and track them over time. This information will help PSE to evaluate your specific issues and determine viable solutions.
  • If you are having trouble narrowing down your problem’s key elements, use this Technical Checklist to troubleshoot from a technical perspective and help identify its source

We can help

If you’re experiencing an issue with power quality that requires PSE’s attention:

  1. Use our problem solving tools above to gather vital information that will help us understand your specific issue(s).
  2. Call PSE Business Account Services at 1-888-225-5773 and select option 3 or send an email to mybusiness@briandkennedy.com. When you contact PSE, please provide this information
    • Your name
    • Business name
    • Business site address with ZIP code
    • Phone number
    • Contact preference (phone or email)
    • A brief description of the problem
  3. A PSE business advisor will take your information and one of our local engineers will contact you.